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Who’s Rockin’ Rococo?!

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Artistas of Vicerra

The holidays are just around the corner, and things are busy with the House of Vicerra. Stefania P. and I are consistently creating and finding products inspired by the exuberant glitz and glamour of the 1600’s. A time where rich hues, curvaceous designs and golden décor ruled. The signs of wealth and success were seen not only in clothing but one’s home. Like the aristocrats and royalty of the Baroque era, our abode has become our sanctuary and place of luxury. This is especially important during a time of lockdowns and restrictions. Our personal environment has become our world just like the royal courts of the past. We have become the king or queen of our domain, so why not make it a bit more luxurious? Add luxe throw cushions that a dramatic flair to your living space or a cushy blanket to snuggle in when watching Netflix.

This ornate and extravagant style movement extended to one’s clothes. The garments were important pieces that were dressy enough to conduct liaisons with foreign powers, as well as appropriate enough for strolls in the royal garden. Very similar to todays Zoom meetings while working at home and the quick essentials run. The clothing of the Baroque era had to be versatile to work in all aspects of court life. Clothing of today has the same function. We don’t have to sacrifice fashion for function because the royals certainly did not! Looking for artistic athleisure fashion that is perfect for that business meeting, chillin’ at home or a night out? Check out our Azzurra Skater Dress? Wear it with your favorite blazer or moto jacket. Why not pair it with a pair of Azzurra Platform Heels, Mask or Tote? Stylish and super comfortable.

At House of Vicerra, we wanted to know the style influencers of the Baroque Era. The names that continuously popped up during our research was the king and queen of France, Louis XIV and Marie Antoinette.

Louis XIV and his influence on taste and fashion in Baroque France

Louis XIV also called the Sun King was the most powerful masculine figure of this era. A great patron of the arts, he influenced the styles and fashions during his reign. What he is best known for is architectural ambitions, especially the House of Versailles an extravagant showcase of France’s wealth, and taste. He adorned his country estate with art from the best artists of his time. He made France the leader of taste and technology through his aggressive economic plans. Louis XIV stimulated the economy by creating a domestic luxury goods market that competed with the tastemaker of the time, Spain. He organized and endorsed professional and strictly regulated guilds that produced textiles, and luxury goods to compete with the world market. Louis XIV’s economic stimulus plan was to prevent any international imports if it could be made in France. He enforced a strict code of dress and etiquette to ensure a continuous wealthy local market. He enlisted local artisans to create fashion plates to advertise French fashion and goods to an affluent international audience. His ideas made France the top authority of taste and style.

The Sun King: Louis XIV

King Louis’ wardrobe evoke the splendor and unparalleled luxury of his court. He dictated that fashion change the seasons, and it was reflected on the fashion plates where his likeness was always a feature. Traditional skills like artificial flower making, fans and etc. are still used today. The Sun King’s high end fashion and textile industry continues to bring fame and fortune to France. He brought the country to the forefront of the haute couture and luxury market through his innovation and love for the arts.

Marie Antoinette the controversial fashionista

Marie Antoinette

Marie Antoinette is one of the most influential fashion icons of her time. She was known for her eccentric fashion sense, extreme hairdos, and her royal status. Marie Antoinette was the queen people loved to hate, yet she continues to inspire creatives today. Her style portrayed a rebellious and independent woman, not afraid to break the rules and etiquette of the royal court. She used fashion as a form of expression in a world where she had little political influence and power. Her name became synonymous with scandal and slander. Marie Antoinette used her clothing to convey a statement of rebellion. She dressed in inconspicuous gowns that used meters of fabric and wore elaborate sky-high hairdos. She was a Rockstar and idol to the French public. This came to a halt when she decided to wear white gowns of cotton and appear like a common milkmaid. The people of France took her defiant style and peculiar personality as an insult and mistrust in the Monarchy grew. Marie Antoinette became the symbol of the excesses of the royals. Her life and character continues to fascinate us to this day.

At House of Vicerra, these historical figures have influenced our F/W 2020-21 collections of fashion and accessories.

These include:

The Fashionista Graphic Tee

Fashionista Tee


Leone Nero Joggers

Leona Joggers

Both of these items evoke the drama of the Baroque era and the fashion influencers of that time. Bold colors and curvaceous prints convey a sense of fashion, historical art and drama. King Louis XIV and Marie Antoinette did not allow adversity and hardships lose their creativity and style. Neither should you.